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Bathroom Decor – Designing The Space You Always Wanted

As one of the smallest places in the home your bathroom is often overlooked, but with the right decor it can become a place you love to show off. It may come as a surprise, but quite often a little decorating in your bathroom could have a large return on investment in home equity.

This small space is one of the first places you visit in the morning. Would it not be nice to have it looking its best? Creating a space that is functional and stylish is easily possible without spending thousands of dollars. You can find tons of advice and inspiration online and on TV that will show you what is possible.

The first step is considering all your options before you leap in with both feet. Replacing all the fixtures in your bathroom can be a little over the top if you have a tight budget. It is best to draw up a design before you move forward so you don’t get distracted by all the possibilities that are available to us.

Take it one step at a time and you won’t get overwhelmed. Remember to setup your budget so you know what you can afford. Going to extravagant can lead to a bathroom that is only half finished because you ran out of funds. Take a look at your fixtures if they look old and worn your best bet is to replace them with something new.

A new sink and vanity is often desired, but may not be necessary if the old one is still in good shape. Try giving it a fresh look with a new coat of paint and maybe some new hardware and you’d be surprised at how good it looks.

The same goes for your tub, if you feel it still fits in your design pick a color that looks great and have at it. On the other hand if you have the money in your budget you may even consider acquiring a Jacuzzi tub. The shape and design of bathtubs are quite plentiful so take your time picking one you will like.

If you have a large bathroom you may even want to try adding in a separate shower. This has many advantages, but could be a turn off if your room is too small to accommodate it.

This is only a small portion of what you can do to your bathroom. The point is to have fun with it and enjoy the process and you’ll be happy you did.


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