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Putting Window Blinds on French Doors and Patios

When you think of blinds you usually think of vinyl window blinds that lay horizontally. The slats open horizontally. There is nothing wrong with blinds that are made of vinyl. They are available in many colors nowadays and are easy to care for. If you wipe them down weekly with a clean cloth you will see how easy it is to keep them clean. Vinyl is not that durable however. If you want window blinds for French doors or patios, you may want to consider wood or bamboo.

French doors are doors after all and will be opened and closed often. You can buy wood or bamboo window blinds that really set your French doors apart and will stand up to the constant opening and closing of the doors. Window blinds made of wood will come in many colors and wood grains so you will have a great choice. Make sure you get a blind that will fasten to the bottom of the door to prevent the blinds for slamming against the door.

Patios are a little harder with wood. Wood blinds don’t always hold up to the moisture that you get on a patio. Bamboo on the other hand will stand up to moisture, heat and cold. Window blinds that are made up of bamboo are inexpensive and durable. They will filter the sunlight when you need them to or let the sun in whenever you want. The way the light shines through the bamboo makes them a beautiful choice.

When looking for blinds for French doors and patios you should consider going with something more durable than vinyl. There are choices for you and that includes color. You can get bamboo and wood in many colors that will accent your rooms or patio. There is a very good chance you will like bamboo or wood more than vinyl. For the little extra you pay now, you will save later.

Whatever decision you make, you will need to be sure that you are 100% committed to it. This is because your patio or french doors are a center point of your room, and if you’re not completely happy with your choice you will live to rue your poor choice. Be sure to visit a showroom that displays blinds for french doors or patio doors, or if you can; try and get a few free samples so you can see what the blinds look like.

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