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Twin Draft Guard Review – Stop Cold or Hot Drafts Under Doors and Windows for Lower Energy Bills

As an industry veteran, I’ve seen hundreds of products come down the As Seen on TV pipeline. And, if you follow our online reviews you know that we’ll call a dud a dud. We don’t put our reputation on the line for a product that doesn’t deliver.

And to be perfectly honest, we had already sold thousands of Twin Draft Guards before I decided to take one home and test it myself. But when I did I determined that this was one of the most impressive & ingeniously-designed infomercial products that I’ve personally tested.

No matter how new or old a home is, there always seems to be a door or window that allows cold air to sweep in during the winter months and cool air to seep out during the warmer months. Until now, the only solution seemed to be to put a nice, thick towel at the base of the door to stop the leak. But you know what a hassle that can be.

The Twin Draft Guard works on the same principle. But, instead of having to kick the towel aside every time you open the door, the Twin Draft Guard stays put. When you open the door, the guard goes with it. And when you close the door, the guard stays in place. It simply glides along the floor.

Once under the door, the Twin Draft Guard insulates the base of the door from both sides, giving you an almost totally air-tight seal that keeps the cool air where it should be – outside. And the warm air stays where it should be – nestled next to our old bones. With heating bills on the rise every year, it’s estimated that Twin Draft Guard can cut as much as 30% from your heating bill.

The only problem that you may have with the Twin Draft Guard is if your door has to pass over a high-pile carpet. Some customers have reported having issues with the guard getting caught up in the carpet in these cases. The fabric though is very thin & very durable. For $10, I’d say the risk/reward is worth trying.

The Twin Draft Guard comes designed to fit a 48″ door up to 2″ wide. If your door is smaller than this, the manufacturers have made it easy to adjust. Simply measure the door and cut the foam insulators to size. Problem solved.

This product works great for leaky windows also. Just open the window, lay the guard down in the frame, close the window and you’re on your way to enjoying a draft-free window. Great for basements, garages, front doors & windows of all kinds.


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