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Window Header, Crossheads and Pediments

Window headers are decorative gable adornments placed above doors and windows on the front of homes and buildings. Window headers are often referred to as crossheads or pediments due to different industry standards when referring to window and doorway toppings. These architectural details are intended to appear as an extension of the home or business to produce a look of elegance and prestige.

Window headers can be constructed in a classical wood or modern polyurethane materials and come in rectangular shape, as seen in the Greek or Roman eras. Window Headers can be plain or have elaborate details like panel, fluted, dentil or others and can be combined to increase your options. Decorative keystones can add another dimension to your pediments and crossheads are sometimes used to hide seams if your header was designed using companion parts. Try to incorporate your existing architecture elements with your headers to create a uniform look for your home or business. Also, consider the decorative gables of your home and whether they are using louvers with and without vents, crown moldings, gingerbread moulding, brackets or corbels in the design.

Door Crossheads are a great way to modify the look and feel of your entrance-way to your home. The front door is the entryway where all of your friend and family arrive and a strong statement can set the tone for what is waiting on the inside. Door and window surrounds that complement the use and appearance of door crosshead are pilasters, pilaster capitals, ornamental cornice friezes and mounting blocks for things like exterior light fixtures. Other architectural details that could be designed to maintain the flow are columns and balustrade systems located near your doors.

Window Pediments are an easy way to give your home a makeover and give personality to your exterior. By adding window header and crossheads on the face of your house, you can create a look of architectural continuity. It is acceptable for the pediment breast boards, or cross-hatch, to be the same length or slightly wider than the window. Combine with other balancing window accents like window moulding trim, wood shutters and/or window boxes to give your windows that complete look discerning home owners expect.

Adorning pediments above your windows and doors is a beautiful way to transform the fa├žade of your home or business. Architectural details like pediments, headers and crossheads are the perfect finishing touch to increase the value of your home and boost your aesthetic curb appeal.


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